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hensPlanning A Male Stripper For your Hens Party on the Gold Coast.

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Have the girls put you in charge of your friends hens party on the Goldcoast?.  Don’t worry!  With enough time and a little work, you can make it a hens party you will not forget. Below is a brief guide to planning a bachelorette party that will hopefully help you with your planning ahead.

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Figure Out What Type Of Hens Party You Want.
The first thing you will have to do is speak with the bride to be to figure out what kind of party you want it to be.  Parties can range from wild, with Sexy male strippers to calm with a day at the wineries.  Depending on the kind of party the bride to be wants, the number and kinds of people coming will be affected.
Settle On A Date.
With the wedding date known, begin working on a date for the bachelorette party.  Be sure this date works into the bride’s schedule well.  In addition, plan it for a time that will work for other people who may be coming.  Once a date is agreed upon, cMale stripers Goldcoastontact the people who will most likely come and have them save the date.
 Discuss A Possible Budget.

Consider what a possible budget will be for those participating in the bachelorette party.  With each person contributing something, expensive parties can become significantly cheaper.
Send Out Invitations
With about 2 months to go, make sure everyone who you want to come gets an invitation.  On the invitation, it will list the kind of bachelorette party it will be, the date, and a rough estimate of how much it may cost.

Review Ideas.

Begin going through the list of ideas to plan a schedule for the bachelorette party.  This will depend entirely on the nature of the bachelorette party that the bride wants.
Make A Reservations In Surfers Gold Coast. 
With more then a month to go, be sure to make all necessary reservations, be it a hotel a function room. Be sure to check your Topless waiter and Male stripper are aloud to be their.
Send Out Reminders

With about a month ago, be sure to send everyone involved a reminder of the time and date of the bachelorette party.  This can include an expanded list of what will be happening, as well as what will be expected (if anything.)
Buy Party Accessories

About a week before the bachelorette party, make sure you have all party supplies you will need.  With about a week left, you will have enough time to specially order anything you cannot find in a store. Maybe buy some handcuff for your sexy stripper to arrest strip search the bride.
Confirm Reservations 
Be sure to confirm your reservations a couple days out.
With everything set and the day approaching, enjoy a wonderful bachelorette party with your friend and bride to be!